Unique Lamps

Wombat Hollow

Michael Yabsley

Ideas Man & Founder


Considered art pieces in their own right, the lamps are the creation of Michael Yabsley. Each has a unique story as piece of history and are crafted to perfection. Rarely two are the same.

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Wedding Venue

Wombat Hollow is a unique venue offering catering facilities for up to 100 guests in a setting which is unique and steeped in history. Facilities are housed in fabulous tin sheds, whilst providing luxury and comfort.

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Wombat Hollow Forum

Wombat Hollow Forum is a monthly luncheon hosted in the glorious tin sheds, with a variety of speakers discussing interesting and timely topics accompanied by home-grown food from our renowned Australian chef Geoff Jansz.

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Wombat Hollow

Located in the beautiful Southern Highlands, Wombat Hollow houses the creative pursuits of Michael Yabsley which includes bespoke lamps and beds. It also houses many private functions and is a popular wedding venue.

Network Ten Pty Ltd
Judgement Consent - Supreme Court of NSW

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US Presidential Election, America Decides - Trump or Clinton?

Join us as we discuss the election with guests of honour and guest speakers Stephen Loosley AM and Tom Switzer. Stephen Loosley AM Former ALP General Secretary and Senator for NSW .. Read more + bookings


WHAM! Wombat Hollow Artisans' Market

Over two days 5-6 November, come and see clever people making and growing beautiful things in traditional ways from natural materials # Over 30 STALLS # HAND-MADE, ARTISAN DESIGNED WORK for .. Read more + bookings


Seeking Joe Civilian

A new verbatim play by Linden Wilkinson about being a soldier in the Anzac Century. Through the participants' own words, we learn what it meant to be a soldier in conflicts from World War I throug.. Read more + bookings


Bong Bong Picnic Races Premium Marquee

We are delighted to host the premium marquee at this year's Bong Bong Picnic Races with Guest of Honour ALAN JONES AO. This special occasion will feature: GEOFF JANSZ OYSTER BAR AND CHARCUTERI.. Read more + bookings


Australian World Orchestra Chamber Music Festival

Enjoy the brilliant music-making from some of Australia’s finest classical musicians from home and as far abroad as Vienna with a special performance and rustic buffet lunch at Wombat Hollow.. Read more + bookings

The forum lunch was exciting and relevant, to discuss such topics as terrorism with Australia's leading authority is quite an honour and was both eye opening and comforting.

Darren Powell

One of the most magical evenings I've ever had was at this amazing place. Wombat Hollow, you have so much character! Love this place.

Jacqui Stewart

What a great venue, pure enjoyment ... Delicious food, amazing ambience!

Sarah James


300 Kirkland Road

East Kangaloon NSW 2576