Wombat Hollow beds are authentic forged and cast iron artefacts, manufactured in the metal work shops of England, United States and Europe from the 1840's until the outbreak of World War I.

Reflecting the diversity of post industrial revolution society, iron beds range from highly ornate to austere. They were used in palatial bedrooms through to shearers’ huts.

Like the lamps created at the Wombat Hollow Iron Bed & Lamp Co. the iron beds are rejuvenated rather than restored, in a way that respects rather than removes the blemishes of time.

The metal is hand buffed and waxed to bring back to life the granular lustre and patina of the beds.

This process highlights the castings and contours, finials and knobs and nickel and brass embellishments that are a statement about traditional metal craft from centuries past in the work shops of Birmingham, Detroit and Lyon.

From the 1920's iron beds became unfashionable and invariably were melted down as scrap, went to land fill or became concrete reinforcement in building sites.

In the 1970's, as a teenager in Lismore, Michael Yabsley started collecting iron beds, fascinated by their design and usefulness.

Today, there are over 300 beds in the Wombat Hollow collection. One by one they are rejuvenated in a cottage industry by a small team of caring artisans, using many of the skills that went into making the beds in the first place.

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