Wombat Hollow Lamps are unique creations made from carefully selected industrial and historic artefacts, bespoke shades, and sympathetically adapted electrical fittings.

Each lamp is creatively designed by Michael Yabsley to give new life to items as eclectic as shoe lasts, oil cans, surveyors’ tri pods and blow torches – things that Michael describes as 'orphan artefacts'.

The term is inspired by the vintage pieces that have previously been neglected but are now given a new life as lamps, emphasising the integrity of the design of the ‘orphan artefacts’ and the quality of the materials from which they are made.

Wombat Hollow Lamps represent recycling or 'adaptive re-use' in practice!

Each artefact has been cleaned and repaired but remains essentially in original condition. The blemishes are left to tell the story of time.
Shades are designed and made to complement each base with natural materials ranging from pleated silk and pig skin through to porcupine quills and Spanish hessian. Special attention is paid to the proportion between the base and shade and the contrast between old and contemporary materials.

Each lamp is masterfully wired with traditional cotton covered leads and authentic certified electrical fittings.

The result is a lamp that respects the integrity and quirkiness of beautiful old artefacts enhanced by stunning, sometimes avant-garde shades.

Wombat Hollow Lamps are the antithesis of the modern production line. They come from a cottage industry workshop where each component is a 'one off' in every sense of the term.

Each lamp is a work of art. Click an image below for a larger view.

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300 Kirkland Road

East Kangaloon NSW 2576